April 10, 2024

Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Reviews

When it comes to stainless steel rice cooker, Oyama is the brand that is the choice of many customers. The Oyama All Stainless Steel 10 Cup rice Cooker/Warmer is a special kitchen equipment meant not just to cook rice but also to satisfy the discriminating taste of a lot of people. Unlike other rice cooker brands with Teflon used on cooking pans for non-stick feature, this model has no Teflon stickers and therefore unique in many respects.

The Oyama All Stainless Steel 10 Cup rice Cooker/Warmer is a very good choice for any household that needs a durable and longer lasting rice cooker. It has features that are designed to make it last longer and that is why it is considered as one of the best rice cookers nowadays.


  • All-Stainless steel– The cooking pan, steamer, and even the inner lid are all made from durable stainless material. This ensures that the unit will be rust and corrosion free for life. It makes this model very durable and can last for many years with proper handling.
  • Triple-layered cooking pan bottom – the secret to cooking rice properly is to have a cooking pan with thick bottom. Oyama wants to help you cook rice properly so they made the cooking bowl bottom a lot thicker.
  • Multi- cooking function – Aside from cooking rice, you can also steam meat, vegetables, and other food preparations such as different kinds of dumplings. The unit comes with a stainless steamer so you can be sure that it is safe to use for steaming food.
  • 3-Dimensional heating – This advanced feature distributes the heat all over the cooking pan and makes sure that the rice is evenly cooked. There will be no instances where the rice is burned or overcooked in the bottom while it is undercooked on top. This feature is perfect for beginners in rice cooking and also those who do not want to constantly monitor how the rice is cooked by the unit.

One of the best things going for this Oyama rice cooker model is its fast cooking time. It can finish cooking rice in just about 30 minutes and this helps a lot in saving electricity if you will pull the plug once the rice is cooked. It is also one of the few rice cooker brands that has an all-stainless feature which is a feature highly sought after by a lot of homemakers because it can last a lifetime if used properly. Another is very easy operation that makes using the unit a breeze. Finally, the price is reasonable and can even be considered a bargain given its solid and useful features.

The power cord is a bit short if you have other small kitchen equipment near the electrical outlet. But if the outlet is placed lower or the rice cooker is placed near it then you will have no problem with this minor issue. Another is the absence of an off switch which makes you pull the plug if you do not intend to keep the cooked rice warm for hours.



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