May 17, 2024
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The Best Microwave Rice Cooker Reviews

There are many brands of microwave rice cooker in the market and sometimes it is hard to decide which of them should be the right choice. Thus, it becomes important to get more information that can give you solid ideas on the best choice that you can make when it is time to buy. Presented here are five of the best microwave rice cookers in the market nowadays and some explanation on why they are the choice of many households. One is not better than the other so you just have to select which one is appropriate for your needs.

Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Microwave Rice Cooker

Top 5 Best Microwave Rice Cooker Reviews

1. Home-X – Microwave Rice Cooker

If you’re passionate about rice, then the Progressive Rice Cooker is a great choice. This is perfect for anyone who wants a dishwasher-safe, progressive cooker.

  • 6-Cup capacity – It is perfect for singles and couples who want to have ready-to-eat warm rice in an instant. It can cook any type of rice in minutes and is therefore perfect even for students who live in dorms and just want food cooked in an instant.
  • Free from BPA – You are assured of healthy cooked rice because this product is made from materials with no BPA.
  • Dishwasher Safe – Whether you prefer hand washing or cleaning the unit with the use of a dishwasher, you will not have a problem as there are no restrictions when it comes to cleaning it.
  • Includes accessories – The unit comes with a rice paddle, a cup that is used to measure rice to cook, and also a cooking instructions so you can be sure to cook rice the way you want it.

2. Maxi-Aids Microwave Cooker 

  • 4-Cup cooked rice capacity – There should be no worry about excess cooked rice because this microwave rice cooker ensures you can prepare only what is good for one or two servings. Ideal for single people especially college students and young ones living on their own.
  • Lid locks – When rice is boiling, there is a tendency for the steam to find a way out and this can cause uneven cooking. With locks on the side of the lid, you can be sure that steam will not escape and therefore you can be assured of perfectly cooked rice all the time. This feature also comes handy because you can easily clean the unit.
  • High-grade material – This product is made from plastic that has very high heat resistance. No need to worry that the plastic material will deteriorate over time because of constant exposure to heat.
  • Accessories included – With a very fair price, it comes with accessories such as spoon and measuring cup, cover, and built-in lid locks.
  • Dishwasher safe – This unit is also dishwasher safe so no worries whether you want to clean it by hand or mechanically through a dish cleaning machine.


3. Home & Appliances Chibikuro-kun Cooker  

For the rice or Japanese curry perfectionist, this is the ultimate gadget. This 1.2 L tiny piece can hold up to 2 cups of rice at a time. Hence, ideal for families with few members or for users who don’t need to cook lots of rice frequently. Needless to say, you’ll find its size highly favorable for storing purpose as well.

Apart from the rice cooker, this affordable model includes the rice paddle and the measuring cup. Appreciably, all of them are constructed out of heat resistant polypropylene and traditional white charcoal powder of Japan. And as we know the white charcoal has the capacity to soak up chemical stuff, it’s safe to recognize it as a BPA (bisphenol A) free item.

We particularly like the Home & Appliances Rice Cocker for its inner lid that performs dual roles. Firstly, by helping you strain the rice during the wash, and secondly, by not letting the rice boiling over which may result in overflowing the lids and sides of the cooker. In case, the boiled rice gets stuck on the lid and adjacent areas, it would pose no challenge to this dishwasher safe kit.

The only downside you may want to ignore is- the package doesn’t contain any English user manual. Notwithstanding, since the Japanese words accompany pictures to describe everything minutely about the device, you’ll never feel the language barrier that nerve-racking!


  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes a rice paddle and measuring cup
  • Affordable


  • No English instruction comes with it


4. Prep Solutions Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker

If the previous model seems wee too little according to the amount of rice you need to cook each day, selecting Prep Solutions over anything else would be a rewarding decision. This BPA-free product is invented with the capacity of cooking 6 cups, though we never recommend cooking more than 3 cups at a time, in order to avoid overflowing inside your microwave.

While the green lid and paddle along with the contrasted frosted clear base and measuring cup have enriched the kit’s charm outwardly, its versatility will also make your jaw drop. Users rave about how well it cooks different kinds of rice (including white, jasmine, black, and brown rice). Their experiment even goes as far as steaming vegetables and making pasta and Mexican rice successfully using various seasonings. Thankfully, the seasoning won’t “flavor” the plastic-like other rice cookers would have done. And surprisingly enough, you can even use beef or chicken broth in lieu of water in the rice with no risk of messing up the process.

Finally, this impressive bit of kitchen kit comes with a locking lid, rice paddle, and measuring cup. Since all the items are dishwasher proof, you clean them up with the little hassle. Comes with easy-to-understand instructions.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Portable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Includes easy to follow guidebook


  • Fragile construction

5. Snips Microwave Cookware

Snips Microwave Cookware Rice Cooker

Regular stoves purists look away as there’s a new go-to microwave cooking kit in town. As the name suggests, the beauty of this microwave cooker lies in its versatility. Wonderfully easy to use, this multi-purpose kitchen kit allows you to cook rice, pasta, vegetables, quinoa and so on within half the time you may need to cook in any other apparatus, cheers to its steam circulation system!

For an affordable price tag, this sturdy microwavable plastic cooker comes with everything (spoon, measuring cup, tray, and steamer basket) you would require for measuring, washing, and finally, cooking your meals. You may miss the recipes along with the instructions, though!

However, like the previous models, it’s again BPA free. Even better, the appliance features a safe steam release knob that helps the produced steam escape without needing to remove the lid. This mechanism also ensures an accurate pressure level inside the cooker decreasing the chance of accidental injury due to a sudden burst. Overall, it’s a brilliant investment for safe cooking!


  • Perfect for steaming veggies
  • Versatile
  • Reasonably priced
  • Quality product


  • The sealing needs improvement



Now, as you’ve acquainted yourself with the best of the microwave rice cooker models available out there, you are only one step behind from getting your perfect fluffy rice within a few minutes. However, you will need to select the duration of cooking consciously for getting an unburned meal, and/or for avoiding overflowing your microwave sometimes. Because, just like the way everyone has different choices when it comes to the squishiness of the rice, different microwave rice cookers also have different settings and options. So, if you’re new to these kitchen appliances, spend some time experimenting with different dishes while playing with time in order to learn more thoroughly about them.

Have a safe and easy cooking experience!

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