April 10, 2024

How to use a rice cooker ?

You have spent your day running errands and now it’s time to prepare everyone a
delicious meal. Now, after a day like this, the last thing you need is spending hours
preparing in the kitchen or deciding what to eat. Fortunately, a quick dish like rice
can save you so much hassle. Rice-based meals are very nutritious. Plus, they’re
easy and quick to prepare.

Now, with the advancement in technology, cooking has been made much easier.
Modern appliances have been devised for kitchen use. Among these appliances are
a rice cooker and a microwave rice cooker. Various chefs from all over the world
are using these cookers for their unique features. Rice cooked in these appliances is
tasty and fluffy. Plus, if used correctly, there’s no chance of overcooked or
undercooked rice.

If you have a rice cooker or a microwave rice cooker and don’t know how to use it,
this guide is for you. We will show you how to use these cookers to cook fluffy
rice every time.

Rice cookers can cook varieties of rice dishes and grains. They work by boiling
water that’s absorbed into the rice until it becomes tender. Plus, they are automatic
hence you can work on other tasks while your rice cooks. To use this cooker you’ll

Rice cooker
Measuring cup

For additional flavor, you’ll also need a pinch of salt, pepper, bay leaves, ginger or
any other flavor of your liking. Once you have all these, use these steps.

Using a measuring cup measure the rice you want to cook and place it in a bowl.
Add the measured rice to your sieve and rinse until the water runs clear.
Put your rice into the rice cooker bowl. Some people prefer to soak it for 30
minutes at this point.
Measure water depending on the quantity and type of rice you’re cooking. White
and white short-grain rice needs less water than brown and white long-grain types.
Also, if you have mushy or overcooked rice, use around ½ or ¼ cup less water to
prevent it from absorbing too much water.
Add the measured water to your rice in a rice cooker bowl. If there are grain strains
on the sides of your bowl, use a wooden or nylon spoon to ensure that all grains are
under the water. Additionally, don’t stir as it can cause a release of more starch,
giving stickier rice.
Place your bowl into your rice cooker. Make sure that the lid is tight before you
turn your cooker on. For cookers that have several numbers of rice cooking
options, select the correct one that suits the rice type you’re cooking.
Allow your rice to cook. Avoid opening your rice cooker often as this will affect
the steam amount and cooking time. Unless you want to stir or add flavors, try to
wait until your rice is almost ready. The cooker will notify you when your dish is
finished cooking by making a sound or flipping its switch up.

You can now open your cooker immediately or leave it to rest for ten minutes. But,
ensure that you don’t leave it longer than what the manufacturer stated.
Fluff and serve. Then clean your cooker once it is fully cold using a damp cloth.
How to Use a Microwave Cooker

Microwave rice cookers are giving electric ones a stiff competition. They produced
fluffy, steamed rice with little risk of scorching. Individuals can also use these
devices to reheat cooked rice or steam vegetables. To use this cooker, you’ll need a
microwave rice cooker, measuring cup, sieve, rice and water. Then follow these

Measure your rice and place it in a bowl. Add it to a sieve and rinse it until the
water runs clear.
Measure water as per the amount of rice you’re cooking and add to a bowl. First
place the inner lid over your rice, followed by the outer lid. Then flip the side
latches over such that the tabs are covered.
Put your cooker in the microwave. Cook at 100 percent power for 12-15 minutes
depending on your microwave.
Remove carefully your cooker from the microwave and let it sit for some minutes.
Then carefully open the top and fluff your rice using a rice paddle or wooden

Don’t exceed the quantity of your cooker. Most microwave cookers only
accommodate less than three cups of raw rice. Exceeding this limit can lead to
unevenly cooked or spillover rice. Also, measure equal amounts of water and rice
in your cooker first then add ½-1 cup extra water depending on how much rice
you’re cooking. For instance, for 2 cups of raw rice, use 2+¾ cups of water.

Rice cookers and microwave rice cookers make cooking quick and convenient.
But, you should learn about proper rice: water ratio to avoid undercooked, spilled
or unevenly cooked dishes.

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