April 13, 2024
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Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker Red Beetle CR-0351F

Cuckoo owns noteworthy intuition for manufacturing compact size rice cooker for a brief period of time. On that manner, Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker Red Beetle CR-0351F (3 cup) has done the same and became a craze for small families, singles or bachelors. Living a busy life in a small apartment is forever a matter of grief. To offer you a bit more comfort to your convenient lifestyle, Cuckoo has brought this exceptional 3 cup electric rice cooker. In the meanwhile, Cuckoo CR-0351F 3 Cup Electric Rice Cooker is currently the best electric rice cooker with such capacity and maintaining such comprehensive service.

Cuckoo Red Beetle, that cute and beautiful nick name indicates the nature of this piddling rice cooker. When it’s a matter of cooking rice, Cuckoo CR-0351F 3 Cup Red Beetle does the most perfect job in the fastest way. Cuckoo is a Korean brand and this pint-sized cooker may cost a little fortune in some way, however, you shall not turn back due to that price, since it does sublime job every time, no doubt.

Initially, you may find bit difficulties to give directions, as the machine has to translate that. After you get used to that, you will find the taste of Taxmati white, wild, red, and auburn rice, OMG, they taste really delicious. No sticking facility adds another wonderment in this whole package. Overall, that Cuckoo CR-0351F 3 Cup Electric Rice Cooker is made to satisfy you in every level.

Specifications of Cuckoo CR-0351F 3 Cup Electric Rice Cooker

  • Brand: Cuckoo
  • Model no: CR-0351F
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.8 x 8.8 inches
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Color: Silver/Red
  • Capacity: 3 Cups
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Made in Korea
  • Customer ratings: 4.5 out of 5

According to some current data, Cuckoo Red Beetle has been voted as the best electric rice cooker and the consequence won’t fail you. Place it onto your cabinet and a glimpse of smile will appear in your face.

Features of Cuckoo Red Beetle 3 Cup

Cuckoo Red Beetle 3 Cup states the fundamental definition of cooking perfect rice. It makes quite delicious rice just suitable for 1 or 2 person. Quick and easy, that’s It. Re-warming doesn’t require any more than 9 minutes. Essentially, the taste doesn’t change at all by reheating function.

You’ll simply love your Electric Rice Cooker. If you suddenly change your brand, you’d realize Cuckoo was by far the best. Because, Red Beetle is designed to satisfy you right size and perfect rice, just the way you wanted. Any other meals likewise bread pudding, meat, soup are also great.

LCD display will make your whole cooking session a lot easier. Fuzzy logic technology keeps your rice fresh even after 48 hours of cooking. Red outing just made it more adorable and easy to clean. Strong and durable construction literally boosted up the impression of this 3 Cup Electric Rice Cooker from Cuckoo.

Soft brown rice or white rice, which one do you like most? Trust me, this cooker cooks both of them very competently, piece of cake!

Now, let’s get to the features and functionalities in short:

  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • Precise cooking facility
  • Fuzzy LCD display
  • Durable and solid Construction
  • Turbo cooking function
  • Inner cooking bowl is Non-stick coated
  • Streamline design, fashion, and neatness
  • Scoop holder attached
  • Gradual cooking like soup
  • Auto and easy adjustable
  • Keep warming function
  • Quadruple safety device
  • Oven cover is separable
  • Easy cleaning advantage
  • Auto steam cleaning system
  • Excellent re-heat function


So far, we just faced the pros of Cuckoo Red Beetle. Now we should know about some minor disadvantage possessed by this cooker. To be frank, Cuckoo CR-0351F 3 Cup Electric Rice Cooker is very little shaped. So, if you do live with more than 2 person, cooking rice would be a major concern. In short, this cooker cooks rice only for 2 people. For what, if you want to cook more rice and don’t such barrier, go for Cuckoo CR-631F 6 cup electric cooker.

Little Closure

Apart from all the features, pros and cons, Cuckoo Red Beetle actually is a stunning production of Cuckoo. For singles or couples, no other compact or electric cooker can beat CR-0351F 3 Cup Electric Rice Cooker.

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