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Best Rice Cooker Reviews Consumer Reports

There are hundreds of rice cookers being offered for sale in the market nowadays and it is not easy to determine which among the many brands out there can give you the satisfaction that you need. For this reason, we built a site that can give you the best and unbiased reviews about the best rice cookers that you can find online so you can readily decide which is best for you and your family.

Tips on Choosing the Best Rice Cooker for You

While you have a choice which rice cooker to buy, a lot of times it is not easy to choose which among those available are the best for your needs. It is easy to just select one of the popular brands or a model with certain features only to realize later that it is not what you actually needed. For this reason, it is important first and foremost to identify your needs and from there determine the best rice cooker for you. On top of this, it is also necessary to understand what makes the best rice cooker so you can end up happy with your purchase.

To help you make the right decision, we would like you to consider the following helpful tips in choosing the best rice cookers in the market nowadays.

Size of the rice cooker
Rice cookers come in many cup sizes or capacities. There are those small enough for a single person and also those that can serve the cooking needs of a big family. By knowing the appropriate size for your needs, you can save on costs as well as electricity. By buying the right size of rice cooker, it can also help prevent waste of food most of the time.


A rice cooker must be able to withstand the demands of everyday cooking. It must be durable enough to last for years so the quality of its manufacturing should be beyond question. If you are buying a rice cooker for the first time or want to try another brand, then reading reviews such as those given here can help a lot in your decision.

Advanced and useful features
There are now fuzzy logic features in some rice cookers and it helps in making sure that you can come up with fluffy and evenly cooked rice all the time. Not only can you cook white rice like an expert but you can also cook other types of rice such as brown rice using the advanced features of some rice cookers. Timer delay is also another feature that is very popular because you can set the time when the rice will start cooking.

Aside from cooking rice, you should also consider a unit that comes with other features such as a steamer, simmer or boil function and other useful features that can make your life easy. With other useful functions it can help you prepare other food and not just rice.

The best rice cooker must have all accessories that are needed to make it a useful unit. Some of the useful and indispensable accessories are measuring cup, rice scooper, and steamer for models with steam function.

Customer support
Finally, the best rice cooker that you will decide to buy must have parts and/or service warranty. It is easy to get attracted to the features and selling points of a particular brand but you also have to look at the possibility that the unit may unexpectedly breakdown. In such a case, having a warranty and replacement parts readily available can help a lot.

Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Rice Cooker Reviews Consumer Reports

Top 5 Rice Cooker Reviews

#1 Oyama CFS-F12W 7 Cup Rice Cooker, Stainless White

When it comes to stainless steel rice cooker, Oyama is the brand that is the choice of many customers. The Oyama All Stainless Steel 10 Cup rice Cooker/Warmer is a special kitchen equipment meant not just to cook rice but also to satisfy the discriminating taste of a lot of people. Unlike other rice cooker brands with Teflon used on cooking pans for non-stick feature, this model has no Teflon stickers and therefore unique in many respects.

The Oyama All Stainless Steel 10 Cup rice Cooker/Warmer is a very good choice for any household that needs a durable and longer lasting rice cooker. It has features that are designed to make it last longer and that is why it is considered as one of the best rice cookers nowadays.


  • All-Stainless steel– The cooking pan, steamer, and even the inner lid are all made from durable stainless material. This ensures that the unit will be rust and corrosion free for life. It makes this model very durable and can last for many years with proper handling.
  • Triple-layered cooking pan bottom – the secret to cooking rice properly is to have a cooking pan with thick bottom. Oyama wants to help you cook rice properly so they made the cooking bowl bottom a lot thicker.
  • Multi- cooking function – Aside from cooking rice, you can also steam meat, vegetables, and other food preparations such as different kinds of dumplings. The unit comes with a stainless steamer so you can be sure that it is safe to use for steaming food.

3-Dimensional heating – This advanced feature distributes the heat all over the cooking pan and makes sure that the rice is evenly cooked. There will be no instances where the rice is burned or overcooked in the bottom while it is undercooked on top. This feature is perfect for beginners in rice cooking and also those who do not want to constantly monitor how the rice is cooked by the unit.


One of the best things going for this Oyama rice cooker model is its fast cooking time. It can finish cooking rice in just about 30 minutes and this helps a lot in saving electricity if you will pull the plug once the rice is cooked. It is also one of the few rice cooker brands that has an all-stainless feature which is a feature highly sought after by a lot of homemakers because it can last a lifetime if used properly. Another is very easy operation that makes using the unit a breeze. Finally, the price is reasonable and can even be considered a bargain given its solid and useful features.


The power cord is a bit short if you have other small kitchen equipment near the electrical outlet. But if the outlet is placed lower or the rice cooker is placed near it then you will have no problem with this minor issue. Another is the absence of an off switch which makes you pull the plug if you do not intend to keep the cooked rice warm for hours.

#2 Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups

Versatility is an integral part of Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Rice Cooker. It is one of the select kitchen equipment that can perform several tasks aside from cooking rice thus making it a must for every kitchen. Lots of satisfied buyers have already given positive reviews about the usefulness of this product and it is one of the many reasons why it continues to enjoy brisk sales.


  • One-touch Cooking – With digital features, all you need is a touch of a button and this rice cooker will do the rest. Automatically cooks and keep your food warm so you never have to worry about the food getting stale.
  • Boil and simmer – This feature allows the food to boil and then switches to simmer function automatically. Food will continue to simmer according to the timer that you have selected.
  • Steam and cook – This feature allows you to slowly steam foods such as meat, vegetables, and many others.
  • Large capacity – This model gives you the option to cook from 4 to 20 cups of rice. With its digital features, you can be sure to have evenly cooked rice no matter what kinds of rice you are cooking.


There are lots of good things going for this rice cooker that can make it your final choice and some of which are the following:

  • It can cook any kind or type of rice – Whether it is white, brown, or any type of rice, this rice cooker and steamer can cook them all and give you evenly cooked rice all the time.
  • Non-stick base and steamer – No need to worry about rice sticking on the side and base of the cooker since it has a non-stick and no-burn feature.
  • Detachable parts – It is easy to clean because all parts are detachable and dishwasher safe.
  • Delay-timer feature – This feature is unique and allows you to time when the rice cooker will start cooking the rice or steam the vegetables. Perfect for timing when to serve the food on the table.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Rice Cooker has many pros as against cons and the positive reviews it continues to receive from customers make it a great choice for households. It can cook any rice the way you want them cooked and also has features that other rice cooker and steamer brands do not have. Its steamer function is also an advantage because you can cook and steam almost any kind of vegetables, food preparation such as dumplings and even meat.


It is always easy to look for bad features in a product but it is quite difficult to look for a lot of faults in this case. If only to cite something that is negative, it would probably be the plastic steamer and the fact that it is made in China. But with a lot of satisfied customers behind this product, the said minor cons are easily overshadowed.

#3 Cuisinart CRC-800 8-Cup Review

Cooking perfect rice is easy with Cuisinart CRC-800 8-cup. It’s not only perfect for a big family who wants to eat great rice each time but it’s also great for everyone who has limited cooking space at home. It’s also one of the easiest kitchen appliances that you can use to cook rice. With the use of its steamer, you can already make a meal at one time. Plus, cleaning it up is a snap.

One of the things you must consider when looking for the best rice cooker is the brand. This model is made by Cuisinart, which is a reliable trade name in the industry.

What’s unique about this brand? Plenty. It may not have a digital control system that lets you cook different varieties of rice with a push of a button but it can cook rice perfectly, regardless of the type of rice you’re cooking.

Its capacity is another reason this model is worth the investment. It can cook up to 8 cups of rice, which is perfect when you have family gatherings or parties at home. Since it is lightweight, you can also take it with you when your friend is having a party at her flat and she needs vast machine to cook rice to feed a huge crowd.

Apart from the fact that it can cook perfect rice, it’s also designed to make stew, chili or soups. As long as you have the right ingredients, put them all into this versatile cooker and you’re good to go. Now, that’s a great machine that doesn’t only give you cooked rice but also steamed or soup.

Furthermore, this model of Cusinart is very easy to use and simple to clean. It requires little water. Thus, it doesn’t steamed-up too easily spilling water around. Then, it can make desserts and even breads.

If you’re tired of the usual rice that you eat, you can try the suggested recipes that come with the user manual. The cookbook will help you explore the many functions of this kitchen appliance. You will realize that it’s not just ideal for cooking rice or steaming vegetables. There are plenty more that you can do with this unit.

Some rice cooker units can only cook white rice. However, this model from Cuisinart can prepare any variety of rice.

With its removable parts, you can easily wash them by hand or put them into your dishwashing machine. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty. Its non-stick pan prevents yourself from wasting your time getting rid of the remnant rice that stuck in the pan.

You’ll also like this model’s warming mode. It will keep the rice warm before you and your family members are ready to eat your dinner. In that way, there’s no need for you to re-heat the rice and wait for a few minutes before you can serve the rice.

Given that this model has a 8-cup capacity, it can be bulky when storing it inside your kitchen cabinets. This is a problem if you have very limited space in your kitchen.

All the same, this rice cooker is one of the most reliable models on the market. It has the most useful features that you need to prepare perfectly cooked rice.

#4 Oster 4722 Electric Rice Cooker Review

Oster 4722 is an electric rice cooker that lets you cook perfect rice. It does not matter whether it is brown, short grain, jasmine or plain old white rice. This unit can provide you with just-right cooked rice each time.

This model is a 6-cup electric rice cooker. It is an average, standard though. The capacity is not too big or not too small. With it, you can serve rice to three to four people.

It is not a fuzzy logic rice cooker. Rather, it is an on/off appliance with one button to turn on. You just need to switch it to start cooking. When it is done cooking rice, it will automatically set to warm mode. Although it does not have an advanced technology, you can still measure rice and water properly to produce tasty rice.

Apart from that, this machine does more than what it has been mainly designed for. If you are like those people who utilize their rice cookers for more than just cooking rice, then this appliance can be a good fit to your other kitchen needs.

This model unit of Oster allows you to cook pasta or steam your vegetables or fish. In fact, you can use it as a two-in-one gadget. That is, you can steam while slow cooking rice.

One of the things that you must look forward to in a rice cooker is its pan. Good thing with this model is that it is non-stick so you can easily clean it after. It also comes with a fuse protector. This feature prevents fire. It is especially useful if you want to keep your rice warm for a few hours. It is also built with a retractable cord; thereby, preventing you from tripping.

The design of this model is chic. It is available in dark red color (which may not be an enticing color for men). Its handles are colored grey. The entire design and color can fit most interior design in kitchen.

This model is very simple to use. The right amount of water can be measured correctly through its measuring cup that is included in the package. Or you can check the water level gauge inside the bowl. Plug it in and push down its switch to start cooking the rice.

The size of this unit is also nice and compact. This is perfect for those with limited storage space.

Another wonderful thing about this appliance is its cost. It is inexpensive compared with other units that can only cook rice and nothing more. With it, there is no reason for you to purchase a steamer as this cooker can be used as a steamer to steam salmon or vegetables. The result is always perfection. That said, you can have tasty, healthy meal made by one cooker.

Unfortunately, this appliance does not have a timer. You will not know when it is done cooking. But no worries. This cooker has a temperature sensor that senses if there is little water left. Then, it shifts to keep warm mode to maintain its warm temperature until you are ready to serve it.

#5 Rival RC61 Rice Cooker Review

Rival RC61 is a rice cooker with 6 cups capacity. It is not a fancy rice cooker because it does not run using an advanced technology. Its cost? You will only have to spend around $20 for it. But it depends on where you want to purchase yours. Its price range is from $14 to $20. Despite the absence of some fancy settings like those of high-end products, you can still cook perfect rice.

This rice cooker can help you avoid overcooking, scorching or burning your rice. It is not the same as cooking your rice through a stove.

Size and the price are two of the most important factors people are drawn into purchasing this model. This unit is small enough to fit into a very limited kitchen space but big enough to cook up to 6 cups of cooked rice. With its tiny size, you can put it in somewhere even though your kitchen is already loaded with several gadgets.

Its ease-of-use is also another reason you might want to consider it. Simply put. It is a “plug-and-cook” type of appliance. You just have to measure how much rice you would like to cook. Then, add appropriate amount of water based on the instructions that go along with the type of rice you are cooking. Push the “cook” button and the unit will take care of the rest.

Although the description of this model says that it has the capacity of cooking 6 cups of rice, the measurement meant the cooked rice. This means that you will only be adding about 4 cups of uncooked rice and it will yield about 6 cups of cooked rice. Do not push its limit as the content may overflow.

Upon receipt of this rice cooker, you will receive the unit, manual, rice measuring cup and a spatula. These items are pretty common in a rice cooker.

This rice cooker is not only ideal for white rice but you can also cook in here brown rice. Plus, you can steam a piece of fish and some vegetables, like broccoli. When steaming, you must cook the rice first. After it is done cooking, let the cooker go into warm mode before you remove the lid and add the steaming tray that contains the marinated fish or vegetables. Allow the tray to sit there for about 5 minutes. Make sure that you put the lid back so that there is enough heat to steam the fish or veggies.

Overall, this product is great. It does its job well in preparing and cooking rice, as well as steaming other foods. The box has a guide that can tell you how long you are going to cook the vegetables. You may not like how the steam escapes from the lid and water spatters out the side when you cook and steam using this cooker. But this is just an insignificant inconvenience considering the features and benefits of opting for this rice cooker. It is a truly handy little unit that lets you cook healthy meal with one kitchen gadget.

Rice Cooker FAQ

Are you thinking or planning to buy a rice cooker but you’re not sure what kind of unit is perfect for your needs?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.

  1. Should I invest in a rice cooker?

If you’re cooking rice frequently or every day, then you’d need to invest in this type of kitchen appliance. It’s not only good for cooking rice, but it’s also useful in making vegetable steamer and prepare a variety of dishes.

  1. What size is right for me?

You don’t need a huge rice cooker if you’re living alone in your house or with your spouse and kids. Newer models, however, can handle small and large amounts of rice. But if the space is an issue, then get smaller units.

  1. How does this appliance work?

Regardless of the brand and model, rice cookers follow the same principle. That is, an inner bowl is placed on a heated plate to bring it to a boil. The water starts boiling until it’s properly absorbed by the rice or the food you’re preparing. Once the temperature has reached a certain point, it reduces the heat. It keeps the warm rice without actually burning it.

  1. What accessories are available with rice cooker?

Most brands have steam tray, measuring cup, and a serving spoon. But you can also purchase a plastic spoon with a long handle. This is a very handy tool that lets you stir the dish you’re preparing with your rice cooker.

  1. What are the safety precautions that I should know about the use of rice cooker?

Although rice cooker is a safe and easy to use, there are things that you want to keep in mind when you use it. First, you have to lift the cover away from your face to avoid steam burns. Keep in mind that the steam of the cooker can cause scalding.

You should also avoid hanging it over the edge of your counter as you or your child can accidentally pull its cord off causing serious burn. If you have to sauté oil or butter, you need to use long-handled spoon when stirring.

If you use the rice cooker for steaming or making soups, you mustn’t leave the cooker unattended as the cooker won’t shut off until all liquid is completely gone.

  1. How long should I wait before the rice is cooked using this kitchen appliance?

It really depends on the variety of rice you’re cooking. Please refer it to the owner’s manual.

  1. How long does it take to cook brown rice?

Because of the extra bran of brown rice, it requires more cooking time and more liquid.

  1. How to turn it off?

The unit will automatically shift to keep warm mode. However, you’ll need to unplug it after use.

Rice cooker is a great appliance to have when you’re a busy person. It doesn’t only cook rice faster but it also allows you to cook best tasting rice.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is one of the most important tools in your kitchen, especially if you’re living a busy lifestyle.

It cooks rice perfectly without taking too much of your time. Plus, it can be used to cook other ingredients, besides rice. To maximize the benefits of your rice cooker, you should know the most important safety and maintenance tips about this kitchen appliance.

  • Read the instructions of your rice cooker
  • Avoid touching hot surfaces with your bare hands

Instead, use protective gloves.

  • Place it on a flat, stable surface
  • Don’t allow it to immerse in water
  • Don’t fill its inner bowl above its top/maximum water line

This is to avoid overflowing when the water boils.

  • Avoid plugging it when it’s not yet ready to cook

You should also avoid operating the rice cooker with the use of a damaged cord.

  • Disconnect it when not in use

If you clean it, you should also unplug it from the power outlet.

  • Keep your hands and face away when you remove its cover

This is to avoid steam burns.

You must not use your rice cooker for outdoor purposes. If the power cord is broken, don’t use it. Have it replaced by a recommended technician. Or you can call the customer support of your rice cooker and have the cord replaced by its agent.

Rice cooker is a tough kitchen appliance. As long as you properly maintain it, it can last for several years or decades. To maintain it in its tip top shape, here are some recommendations.

  • Switch it off or disconnect it from the power supply when not in use or before you clean it
  • Allow it to cool down first before you start cleaning
  • Use warm, soapy water when cleaning its inner bowl

You may use your dishwasher to clean it. However, the dishwashing detergent may discolor the outside pot of the rice cooker as it’s made of anodized aluminum.

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners on non-stick coatings
  • Rinse and dry the bowl thoroughly

And make sure that the bowl is completely dry before you place it back to the base.

  • Use a damp cloth when cleaning its exterior
  • Clean the heating plate thoroughly before using it

Food debris could interfere with the cooking process so make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned.

  • Avoid using the cooker’s cover if it’s cracked

This is especially true if your cooker has a glass cover.

Here are some additional tips on how to take care of your rice cooker’s glass cover.

  • Let the cover cool down first before washing it.

This is to avoid breaking the glass cover. It’s also advisable to use recommended cleaning pads to avoid scratching or weakening of the glass.

  • Don’t use hard or sharp utensils

If there’s a need for you to scrape the glass cover to remove rice residue, you should only use the remover recommended by the manufacturer.

It’s very important that you follow the instructions as provided by the manufacturer of this kitchen appliance. This is to avoid breakage or personal injury.

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