April 10, 2024

About Us

You may wonder who is behind bestricecookerreviews.org. To answer you in a simple way, I am a person who has seen the same problems as you. Having gone through there, I know what it is to have to choose a product as complex as a new generation cooking accessory.

In summary, I myself have stood in front of the screen in search of information to know which model of kitchen cookware is the best , at what price, etc. Honestly, the comparative assumptions on which I have gone when looking for “buy cheap cooker” or “comparative of the best kitchen cooker” are lamentable and, many times, they are not even written following basic quality standards.

The goal: to help you choose well

Far from this type of web pages that do not give any worthy advice, this site aims to help you find the best intelligent cooking equipment on the internet. For that, I have prepared many comparative tables and articles, analyzes and opinions on the best models available on the net.

I hope that the pages of this website will help you to understand the information more clearly and to find the most suitable model for your use. Remember that the most expensive is not necessarily the best and brands are always going to try to make you believe that more expensive means always better. For example, if the Thermomix were really as good as they claim, it would be the only leader in the market, and that is not the case.

bestricecookerreviews.org is a company specialized in the distribution and installation of kitchen and bathroom furniture.

We have a great experience, and specialized personnel, we also have an after-sales service, maintenance to solve any problem that may arise in the future keeping your facilities in perfect condition.

Continuous renewal of models with the best selection of accessories and accessories.

Our philosophy

A careful attention and customer service. A stable collaboration with suppliers with high levels of benefits.

We have managed to settle in a highly competitive market thanks to our responsiveness and our proven after-sales service, which is the foundation of our work philosophy.

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